Jihosoft Android Phone Recovery is a popular software that works on almost all popular Android devices. It allows you to recover all the deleted files from Android devices in a few clicks. So if you want to learn more about the Jihosoft android phone recovery tool, then this Jihosoft android phone recovery review guide will give you all the important information. Along with this, you will also get a list of top 3 Jihosoft Android data recovery alternatives. Now without wasting a single moment, let’s get started with the review.

Jihosoft Android Data Recovery Review

1. Applicable Scenarios

There are many factors that may result in data loss on Android, such as accidental deletion, virus attack, and so on. Jihosoft android phone recovery is capable of recovering your data that caused by all these reasons.    

2. Supported Data Types

Now some of you might be thinking what data type can be recovered with Jihosoft android phone recovery, so if you are one of those, then here is the list of all the supported data types: 

  • Contacts- With Jihosoft, you can recover all the contact information stored in your SIM or phone memory. For example- emails, name, job title, phone numbers, and other details. Along with this, Jihosoft can also be used to recover your call history.

  • Photos- You can easily recover all of your images or photos stored in your memory card or phone memory. 

  • Messages- It supports to retrieve messages on your Android phone as long as these messages haven't been overwritten.

  • Videos and Audios- In case you have mistakenly deleted your important audios or videos from your android device or tablet, then you can easily recover it with Jihosoft.

  • Documents- You can also get the important documents back with it.

  • WhatsApp & Viber Data- All the WhatsApp media such as recordings, texts, documents, and other files can be recovered with Jihosoft android data recovery. Not only WhatsApp, but you can also use it with Viber.

3. Compatible OS

Another great thing about Jihosoft is that it is compatible with almost all android devices. From Android 2.1 to android 9.0, it can be used with all the android versions. This includes Android phones like Samsung, HTC, Huawei, Xiaomi, and many more.   

Some Reviews of Jihosoft Android Data Recovery 

"I wasn’t able to recover my lost data with Jihosoft android phone recovery. I purchased the software and when I complained about it to its customer care, there was no response."

– Review from Lee

“It is a good and working Android data recovery tool. I had to root my device in order to use it, which I didn’t like. I wish I was allowed to recover my data without rooting it.”

– Review from Kelly

         Jihosoft enables you to scan your android device freely, no time limit in the free trial version.;
         Supports almost all android devices, and can be used to recover nearly all data types;
         It is very easy to use, anyone can use it to recover data without any prior technical knowledge;

         It requires you to root your device before the recovery, that may cause further data loss;
         It is not applicable to Android phones which are unable to work: including damaged and broken phones;
         Quite a few users report that the Jihosoft Android Phone Recovery is not working out of the blue.

4. Jihosoft android phone recovery Full Version Free Download

You can not free download the Jihosoft android phone recovery full version. but you can choose the Jihosoft android phone recovery better alternative - D-Back for Android. It has more better recovery rate.

Top 3 Alternatives to Jihosoft Android Data Recovery Tool

1. D-Back Android - the most efficient alternative to Jihosoft Android Phone Recovery 

For the recovery of data on Android devices, there are many other options on the market since Jihosoft android phone recovery has its limitations of recovery. D-Back Android is one of the best alternatives to Jihosoft android phone recovery since it supports recover data from broken or damaged Android device without root. And it also supports to extract call history, SMS, and more from your Google backup selectively. The best thing about this software is that it lets you recover any lost data, for any reason. It supports all the major data types such as call logs, messages, photos, important documents, videos, audios, contacts, WhatsApp messages, etc. Here are some of the best features of D-Back Android:



Outstanding Features of D-Back Android:
  • 3 Recovery Modes Available: Supports recovering data from broken or damaged Android device, also supports extracting data from Google backup.

  • Numerous Supported Data Types: Supports almost all data types including WhatsApp messages, photos, videos, contacts, etc.

  • High Successful Recovery Rate: Capable of restoring your deleted data with a high success rate.

  • High-Speed Data Recovery: This software recovers your data very fast. It will scan your phone and recover everything within minutes.

  • Safe: Unlike other data recovery tools, this software doesn’t harm your device and leak your personal data in any manner.

Here are all the steps you need to follow to use this software:

Step 1. First, you have to run the D-Back Android and choose a recovery mode as per your requirements. If you choose the mode "Recover Data from Google Backup", click "Start".

Step 2. Log in to your Google account and select the data type you want to restore, click "Next".

Step 3. After the scan is completed, the recovered data will in an organized manner. You can choose the data you want to restore and click "Recover".

2. DiskDigger App for Android

DiskDigger for Android is another popular Android data recovery app that can recover all of your lost files within few clicks. The best thing about this app is that it gives an amazing performance and scans your phone deeply, which helps in recovering files better. And it can sort recoverable files by name, size, date, and directory.


DiskDigger for Android is compatible with most android devices, you can easily use it with new android versions as well as outdated android versions. However, it works with both rooted and non-rooted but you will get more features if your device is rooted.

Supported File Types

DiskDigger for Android supports all the major file types. With the free version, you can recover photos and videos. If you want to recover other files, then you will have to use the pro version.

         It requires to get root permission before the recovery to get better recovery results, so you're taking a risk at losing all your current data;
         It's an Android application, the same with recovering from local backup, it's possible to overwrite the existing data on your mobile device;
         You have to manually go to the settings of the SuperSU app, and turn logging to the most minimal setting. Or your device's storage may fill up to 100%                 while it. That's quite inconvenient.

3. FonePaw Android Data Recovery

You can recover your files from your internal memory, SD card and even from SIM card. No matter what the scenario is, it will help you get your valuable files back. The same with D-Back, FonePaw Android offers preview function in the trial version.


FonePaw supports 6000+ Android devices, which makes it best for everyone. It supports devices from all the reputed brands such as LG, Samsung, and HTC. You can use it with both the latest and outdated android versions. 

Supported File Types

Just like any other good data recovery tool, it supports all file types. You can recover text messages, important documents, video files, audio files, call history, and many other things. 

         It requires to get root permission before the recovery to get better recovery results, so you're taking a risk at losing all your current data;
         Limited free version: You can't recover unless you pay for it;
         It doesn't support some Samsung models such as Galaxy A5 2016.
         Many users report that the recovery rate is not as expected/advertised.
         Their customer service is not that good according to some user reviews.

Bonus: Jihosoft Photo Recovery File Recovery and Better Alternative

Jihosoft Photo Recovery is a powerful program that can locate and retrieve all of your priceless photos, videos from a variety of storage media. It enables you to quickly recover files from your computer's hard disk, digital camera, memory card, USB device, etc. It can recover data from your computer, USB drive, digital camera, and other storage devices, including music and video files. Recovers photos lost due to intentional or unintentional deletion, formatting, inappropriate use of your device, software crash, virus infection, and other causes. Works in the majority of data loss circumstances.

Jihosoft File Recovery is a fantastic piece of software whenever you find yourself in a jam. Users can use both PC hard disks and external storage devices to recover lost data with the aid of the application. It includes features like an automated recovery technique, different scanning options, the ability to recover various file formats, and an intuitive wizard. However, it still has some disadvantages, like taking a while to scan for data. Sometimes only a partial recovery of files is possible; several scans could be necessary, and a crowded interface.

While Jihosoft data recovery software can be a choice to recover deleted data from windows and mac, we recommend the best one: iMyFone D-Back Hard Drive Recovery Expert; you can recover both photos and files in the same software. It is the most accessible data recovery program for retrieving lost files, photos, documents, and more after formatting, wiping, partition loss, disk damage, virus attacks, and more. You can use it on both Mac and Windows.


It has an easy to use interface and offers a high success rate. It can scan the deleted data in a rapid speed. It offers a high success rate and can scan the deleted data rapidly. And supports 1000+ data types, including not only photos and files but also office documents, archives, and more.


So these were some of the best alternatives to the Jihosoft android phone recovery tool. However, all these tools are very effective in recovering data but still, you should choose as per your needs. For example- if your device is rooted, then you can go with Jihosoft but if your device is not rooted, then you should consider using other tools. The type of recovery tool you will need totally depends on the type of files you want to recover. If you just want to recover photos and video files, then you can do that by using some handy apps such as Google Photo, be noted that it requires a previous backup. Always keep in mind regularly backup your data, this is the most effective way to prevent data loss. Hope this article will clear some of your doubts and give you some valuable information.