How to Recover Deleted Files from iPhone with/without Backup

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It is quite a common occurrence of losing important data from your iPhone due to different reasons such as iOS update, jailbreak, accidental deletion, or device crash. Losing the valuable data from your iPhone will drive you crazy, especially if you have no idea on how you can retrieve them.

This guide will provide you the insight into the process through which you can recover deleted files from iPhone irrespective of the availability of a backup.

iMyfone D-Back or iMyfone D-Back for Mac is an efficient software that is capable of recovering multiple formats of files from iPhone, iPad, and iPod. It even guarantees you the needed safety while recovering the data without causing data overwriting to the device. Additional features include:


The Best iPhone Data Recovery Software

  • It supports over 22 file types, such as messagescontactsvideos and more, giving you the absolute control in retrieving valuable data.
  • Whether you created a backup before losing the data or not, iMyfone D-Back gives you the chance to regain what you lost.
  • You can preview the recoverable files. Make a selection of the files that you wish to recover instead of choosing the entire data.
  • iMyfone D-Back supports all the variants of the iPhoneiPad, and iPod touch.

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Steps to recover deleted files from iPhone with/without backup

Part 1: Recover deleted files on iPhone without backup

Step 1: Launch the program after download and install it. Choose “Recover from iOS Device” tab and click the “Start” button to pick the file types that you like to recover.


The software will ask you to connect your iPhone to the computer. After detecting the device, click “Scan” button to find the files.

Step 2: After scanning, the software will display all the recoverable files on the interface. You can check all files, or choose “Show only the deleted files” and select the files that you want to recover. Click “Recover”.


Step 3: A small pop-up window will ask you for the destination location. Choose a folder where you would like to store the files. It requires a few minutes for the software to recover deleted files from iPhone.

Part 2: Recover deleted files from iTunes/iCloud backup

Step 1: After launching the application, select “Recover from iTunes/iCloud Backup” tab from the left side, and then click on the “Start” button.

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The process will allow the software to begin scanning for backup files from iTunes/iCloud. Select an appropriate iTunes/iCloud backup that you wish to retrieve and hit the “Scan” button. It requires a few minutes to complete the scanning process.


Step 2: Completion of the scanning will display the entire results in the interface. You can skim the files according to your need or choose “Only show the deleted files”. You can then select the files and click “Recover”.


Step 3: You can specify the destination folder or path where iMyfone D-Back will store the recovered files. And Voila! Your data are back!

With the help of iMyfone D-Back or iMyfone D-Back for Mac you can easily recover the deleted files from your iPhone with or without Backup. Why not have a try now?

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  • Mary

    My iPhone crashed and I need to recover some info. I saw this and will use it to find what I need. If we can recover information without backing up my phone, then what is the need to ever back up my phone? (I thought backing up info was important). Thanks!

    • Hello Mary, sorry for the late response. Backing up your iPhone data is always very important for everyone. Having backups is much better than no backups at all. When you lost some important data by accident, the first thing to do is to check if you have made a relevant backup before. If you have, you can simply restore your iPhone to the backup using iTunes or iCloud. 3rd-party iPhone data recovery tools like our iMyfone D-Back are the last chance for someone who lost data without backup. So try to back up your data regularly before the big change happens.

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