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Web-based screen sharing is getting more and more popular in our work. Compared with traditional meetings, it’s more convenient and efficient. Sharing screens on the web can be used for online meetings, online presentations, and helpdesks.

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Here you will learn about 13 web-based screen-sharing sites directly via browser without installing any software.

Part 1. What’s the Advantage of Web-Based Screen Sharing?

1 No Installation Required

The biggest advantage of web-based screen sharing is that you don’t need to download & install any software. You can just open a web to realize sharing screen with others. The whole process is faster, safer, and easier.

2 Sharing Screen with Multi-Devices and Cross-Platforms

Sometimes it will be a little difficult when sharing screens with different systems like iOS & Android or different platforms like Windows and Mac. Through web-based screen-sharing, you won’t suffer this problem, because every device or platform can use the website.

3 Improving Working Efficiency

In traditional meetings, we all need to go to the same meeting room wherever we are. It will be kind of inconvenient sometimes. But now you can choose web-based screen sharing as long as having a phone/PC with you. You don’t bother to rush to somewhere in time any longer.

4 Reduce the Cost of Time and Manpower

We need a real room or other space in the traditional meetings and need to use many tools. However, web-based screen sharing only requires a website. We don’t need to set up the venue and clear it after meetings.

Part 2. The Easiest Screen Sharing App

iMyfone MirrorTo is a website that supports any online interaction on any web application with no code or installation required. In Surfly, every participant has full ownership of their content without being worried about data breach.

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Part 3. 13 Web-Based Screen Sharing Tools


Surfly is a website that supports any online interaction on any web application with no code or installation required. In Surfly, every participant has full ownership of their content without being worried about data breach.



  • Universal co-browsing
  • Video chat
  • Screen sharing
  • File sharing
  • Collaborative document editing
  • E-signing

Best for

  • Insurance, banking & financial services, contact centers, collaboration platforms, luxury goods, automotive, e-learning.

2. Google Meet

Google Meet is very easy to use. You just click the shared link to join a meeting via browser or launch a meeting on the website and invite others to join in. It’s free to use.

google meets


  • Easy and secure to use
  • Free to have video meeting via the website
  • High quality of video and audio

Best for

  • Business meeting, financial services, government.

3. Dead Simple

Dead Simple Screen Sharing is a free solution for online meetings right from your browser. You can use it through Chrome or Firefox extension.

dead simple


  • Unlimited time & participants
  • share screens simultaneously
  • Free video and audio chat
  • File and image sharing

Best for

  • Education, individual, sales, retail, investment.

4. Demodesk

Demodesk is a meeting platform that allows you to join a meeting instantly from your browser. It offers you undisturbed conditon to let prospects interact with your sales content without having to share your messy desktop.



  • Faster speed
  • Guide sellers in real-time
  • Automatically load the perfect slides into every customer meeting
  • Streamline sales processes

Best for

  • Insurance, sales, finacial services, allowing online business to have more effective interaction.

5. Screenleap

Screenleap allows you to share your screen to video conference instantly to any device with a browser. It’s convenient to process without hassle download.



  • Video & audio conferencing
  • Easy website integration
  • Frictionless collaboration
  • Cloud recording
  • Viewer registration

Best for

  • Sales, education, individuals, companies, finacial services.

6. CrankWheel

CrankWheel is also used for screen sharing without any hassle download. It is tailor-made for sales teams who need to connect with the prospects.



  • Screen sharing
  • Remote control
  • Instant demo
  • Embed & intergrade
  • Monitor engagement

Best for

  • Digital agencies, education, insurance, mortgage, sales, finacial services, retail, energy, solar agents.

7. RemoteMeeting

RemoteMeeting is a screen sharing solution that doesn’t require signing up, installation or configuration. You just need to open the website and click START or JOIN.



  • AI minute
  • Document sharing
  • Screen sharing
  • Chattinge
  • Recording

Best for

  • Government, education, finacial services, individuals.

8. Zoom Meetings

Zoom Meetings allows you to click or send a link to participant in a meeting. It offers desktop software and browser sharing as well. You can just use it online without download the app.



  • Good quality of videos and audio
  • Screen recording
  • Presenter control management
  • Annotations

Best for

  • Friends, co-workers, technology help, sharing.

9. RingCentral

RingCentral allows you to start a video conferencing for free online without any download.



  • Screen recording
  • Screen capture
  • Desktop / browser sharing
  • Document sharing

Best for

  • Education, individuals, entertainment like sharing exhibits.

10. Mikogo

Mikogo offers you secure communication with 100% web-based screen sharing. It provide you with a 14-day non-binding free trial with all the functions.



  • Live-video
  • Selection of core modules
  • Switch presenter
  • Session scheduler
  • Drawing pad
  • Device independent use

Best for

  • Commercial and savings, sales, beverages, construction, energy, education.

11. Whereby

Whereby let you join a collaborating teams via a video call very simply. You just need to click the shared meeting link to participant in a meeting.



  • live emoji reactions
  • Personalize your Whereby room
  • Host productive remote sessions

Best for

  • Entertainment, education, services, individuals.

12. Discord

Discord offers you a great space to join campus clubs, gaming groups, arts community and so on. You can have fun with your friends here.



  • Only invitees can join
  • Group chats
  • Create private channels
  • Voice connected

Best for

  • Study, entertainment, communication, art sharing, all kinds of club, game Instant eemos.

13. JitBit

Jitbit is a free browser based screen sharing solution between 2 people with no plugins, no extensions, and no 3rd party software. You just need to share your screen on a web. It supports Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.



  • Peer-2-peer
  • 2 people limitation
  • Video connectivity

Best for

  • Friends, co-workers, technology help, sharing.

Part 4. FAQs about Web-Based Screen Sharing

1 Is web-based sharing safe?

Yes. Firstly, you don’t need to download any software that may do harm to your device. Secondly, all the solutions above are secure and safe without sending your data to others.

2 Can I screen share from the browser?

Yes, of course. You can share your screen just via browser with the sites introduced above with no installation.

3 How can I share my screen without downloading anything?

You can realize it by using screen-sharing websites that are 100% via browser.


Now you have gotten so many tools to share your screen online. Choose the suitable one to enjoy it. With these web-base screen sahring websites, you can view or sharing the screen without downloading any software. IF you want to share your screen to PC at home or office, such as making a presentation and playing mobile games on PC. I highly recommend you to use iMyFone MirrorTo. It's really user-friendly. Try it now.

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