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Restoring from iCloud Backup Taking Forever, How to Fix?

"The restore from iCloud is going very slowly. I can see in the realtime bandwidth reports on the NOC and there is next to zero traffic for iCloud, WHY?"

iCloud helps in creating a backup of contents from the phone or any other device. A great many users prefer to back up their iPhone via iCloud. iCloud can perform a backup whenever and wherever as there is no need to connect your device to computer when backing up with iCloud. Besides, iCloud will back up automatically when the device is turned on, locked or connected to WiFi.

However, it is always reported that restoring from iCloud backup taking forever when iOS users try to restore their iPhone from its backup. It might be caused by several reasons, now this post will walk you through different reasons that cause iPhone restoring from backup taking forever and the ways to fix it.

Fix iPhone Restoring from iCloud Backup Taking Forever

Part 1.Why is the iPhone Restoring from Backup Taking Forever?

When you opt for the restore from iCloud option while setting your new iPhone, there are times when the process becomes a never-ending task.  You will notice that the progress bar displays the same percentage even after several hours.

Most of the time, such situation occurs because of the instability of the application in restoring the content from the backup file. In some cases, the reasons are due to poor battery life, issues with applications present on the backup file or during iOS update.

Although the reasons are unknown, sometimes, many applications, tend to refuse to set up on the new iPhone.

Part 2. How to Fix iPhone Restoring from Backup Taking Forever

1. Can You Stop iPhone Stuck iCloud Recovery?

If the restoration process is taking forever, the process got stuck due to a glitch and will not continue no matter how long you wait. A better way is to stop the process manually. As the restoration is stuck, you will have to revert the process manually. Reverting the process has a procedure, which, when followed, will give you needed results.

2. Steps to Stop Stuck iCloud Recovery

The following steps will be helpful if the iCloud recovery is taking forever during restoration:

Step 1. Sail to the Settings application on your iPhone.

Step 2. Scroll down to find iCloud from the list and tap the same.

Step 3. Once inside the iCloud menu, scroll the list to see Backup. Click the same, and ensure that it is active already.

Step 4. In the same window, click "stop restoring iPhone" option.

stopping restoing iPhone

Selecting the option will halt the restoration process. You will not be getting contacts or other applications on the new iPhone. It is preferable to perform a factory reset and freshly reinstall the iOS operating system.

Part 3. Alternative Tool to Restore iPhone from iCloud

As you have seen from the steps mentioned about that restoring an iPhone from iCloud backup is tedious, you would like to possess iMyFone D-Port Pro that makes the entire process quick and easy. It allows you to easily and selectively restore a paicial backup from iCloud. In addition to restoring data, it is also capable of backing up iOS devices and exporting almost all data from the device or from the backup files.

iMyFone D-Port Pro Backup and Restore iPhone

Key Features:

  • It fulfills your need by helping in restoring your iPhone from a backup created by iCloud or iTunes.
  • It gives you the preview and judicious selection of the files/information that you wish to move from the backup file.
  • It recognizes over 20+ file formats and helps to export/backup the 200+ files from your device and iTunes/iCloud backup.
  • It assists in creating manual backup and downloading the backup file created by iCloud or iTunes.
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How to Restore iPhone with iCloud using iMyFone D-Port Pro

If the backup list does not have the file that you need, then you need to download it from the iCloud account. Click the hyperlink from the primary window and follow the instructions.

Step 1. Click "Restore Backup to Device" option and all of the backup files will be detected and listed as below. Choose an iCloud backup that you want from the list.

download icloud backup

If there is no the iCloud backup that you want, click Download iCloud Backup and log in with your iCloud account to look at the available iCloud backups. From the list, pick the recent version of the backup file or any other according to your requirement, and press "Next" to download and scan for the iCloud data.

download icloud backup

Step 2. After completing the scan, the program will display the available files. You can select a file to see the preview of content in the window.

restore icloud backup to iPhone

Step 3. Mark the files that you require and press the "Restore" to send it back to the iPhone. After restoring, you can view the iCloud data on your device.

restore icloud backup to iPhone


If you wish to avoid hurdles during the restoration of your iPhone, choose iMyFone D-Port Pro as the platform, which gives you greater control and ability in transferring data from backup files.

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