Video content creators often need to join several videos while creating content. They join different clips in the video, and typically, it is done in every video they create. It is required for creating videos for YouTube and social media. Apart from that, people also create videos to share on their personal social media accounts. They combine their worthy moments in one video and share them with others. So, video combiners are often needed, and you must know the tools that can help you combine videos. Today, we are here with the top 7 free video combiners that you can use whenever you want to join videos.

Highly Recommended - iMyFone Filme (No Watermark)

The first software on our list is iMyFone Filme. We recommend this video editor because it can help you do almost every type of basic to advanced video editing. You can join and split videos without any hassle. Moreover, it supports almost all types of video formats, including MP4, MKV, WMV, and 3GP.

    Reasons to Use Filme

  • Filme is a versatile video editor that can do any type of video editing. You can use it for adding various transitions, effects, trimming, splitting, picture-in-picture effect, and many other purposes.

  • Using Filme is quite easy. Anyone can use it without any hassle. You don’t need any experience in video editing to use it. It is excellent for beginners.

  • You can also use audio and combine multiple audio tracks to create a new track. It can use various layers of audio.

  • You can create almost any type of video, including slow motion, slideshow, and fast video. It is perfect for any application.

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How to Combine Videos in Filme

Step 1: Launch Filme on your computer. Go to File>New Project and select the aspect ratio for your project.

Filme New Project1

Step 2: Go to the Import button. You can also go to the Media tab. You will see four options to import the file. Filme allows you to import the files and folders directly from the computer, and you can also import them directly from your Android phone using a USB cable or through a QR code. Import the video files that you want to combine.

Filme Import Files1

Step 3: The files will be in My Media. Now, drag the videos to the timeline. Filme can also help you match the resolution of the videos, or you can keep the original resolution of every video.

Filme Timeline3

Step 4: Your videos are combined; you only need to export them. But if you want to do any other editing, such as transitions, effects, texts, or anything else, you can do it now. You can also change the brightness, contrast, speed, and other video properties. Add audio tracks by importing them and dragging them to the timeline.

Step 5: When you are done, in the Export, click on Export Video. Select the desired format and other export settings. Click on Export.

Filme Export3

Note: In the free version of Filme, you will have a watermark in the exported video. However, you can join the “Share Filme” activity to export videos without a watermark.

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Bandicut Video Joiner

Bandicut Video Joiner is a paid video cutter and joiner; however, you can use the free version to do your work. It is a very simple tool because it only has three functions: Cut, Split, and Join. Thus, it is excellent for beginners who want to cut, join, or split videos.


yes It is very easy to use. Anyone can join videos with it.

yes There won’t be a watermark in the free version.

yes You can combine as many videos as you like in one go.

yes It takes less time to create the final video.


no It can only be used for joining, cutting, and splitting; thus, you cannot do any other editing if you need it in the video.

no The output file can only be in MP4, AVI, MKV, and WEBM.

Steps to Use Bandicut to Join Videos

Step 1: Launch Bandicut on your computer. You will see three options on the screen: Cut, Split, and Join. Click on Join.


Step 2: This will open a file browser. You need to select the videos that you want to join. You can also select more than two videos. Click on Open.

Step 3: Your selected videos will be shown in the list. You can also change the video sequence. See the preview of the video. Click on Start.

Bandicut Timeline1

Step 4: You can select the video name and other encoding settings. When you are done, click on Start. It will take a few minutes or seconds, and the video file will be ready.

Bandicut Export1

Video Combiner

Video Combiner is a special tool that is only made for combining videos. It cannot do anything else; however, the way it combines the videos is exceptional. It provides excellent quality video without disturbing the aspect ratio and resolution.


yes It combines videos quickly. You can add as many videos as you want.

yes You can set the desired resolution and bitrate.

yes It is available in various languages.

yes There are nine video formats available.


no You cannot see the preview while combining videos.

no The user interface is a bit old school.

Steps to Use Video Combiner

Step 1: Open Video Combiner on your computer.

Step 2: Open the folders where you have the video clips. Drag them to the Video Combiner. You can add as many videos as you like and arrange them easily.

Step 3: You can select the file format. The screen size of the output video can also be set. You can choose the desired resolution. The bitrate can also be changed.

Step 4: Choose the location where you want to store the video. When you are done, click on Combine Videos Now. Now, you need to wait for a few minutes. Your videos will be combined in no time.

Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is a free video editor for Windows. It is discontinued; however, it is still available on various platforms. It can be used to combine videos and do other types of editing, such as animations and effects.


yes It is a free tool, and there won’t be any watermark.

yes It can edit other things in the video, such as sound and effects.

yes There is no limit on the number of videos you want to join.

yes It is an easy and quick way to join videos.


no It was discontinued in 2017. So, there is only an old version available on different websites.

no Beginners find it a bit complicated.

Steps to Use Windows Movie Maker

Step 1: Launch Windows Movie Maker on your Windows PC. Open video file locations and drag the files to the Movie Maker. There is no limit on the number of videos. You can add as many as you want in the timeline.

Step 2: After adding the videos, you can arrange them. You can edit videos in Movie Maker. You can add text between the videos, visual effects, and animation.

Step 3: You can also split or crop any part of the video. Move the handle to where you want to split the video. Go to the Edit menu and click on the Split button on the tool.

Step 4: In the Edit menu, you can change the speed. You can also add music or record audio using a microphone.

Step 5: After editing, see the preview. Now, go to the File menu>Save Movie. Click on For High-definition Display. Enter the file name and click on Save. Now, Movie Maker will create a video file at the desired location.

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Freemake video converter is for converting the format of videos. You can choose any format according to the device. It can also be used to join videos. It is a perfect tool for quick and easy video conversion and combining.


yes You can see the preview of the video clips separately.

yes You can trim the videos using the tool.

yes It can join more than two videos.

yes There are dozens of formats available for the output file.


no There will be a watermark in the output video.

no You cannot see the preview of the final video.

no It sometimes creates corrupted files.

Steps to Use Freemake Video Converter

Step 1: Launch Video Converter on your PC.

Step 2: You can import video, audio, DVD, Photo, or URL. You will see the options at the top. Click on Video. Select the videos you want to combine and click on Open.

Freemake Video Converter1

Step 3: If you want to cut video, click on the Scissor button. You can also add a custom watermark using the tool (only for the paid version).

Step 4: You can also add subtitles and sound to the video by clicking on the subtitle and sound option.

Freemake Subtitle1

Step 5: Select the desired format at the bottom of the window. Then, select the video quality. You can also create a custom setting. Select the destination of the file and click on Convert. The videos will be combined, and the output file will be saved.

Freemake Export1

Xilisoft Joiner 2

Xilisoft Joiner 2 is a paid tool, but you can use the free version to join videos. It is perfect for joining videos without any hassle. It is excellent for beginners, but you cannot do any other type of editing using this tool.


yes There are all types of formats available in this tool. You can create videos for Xbox, iPad, iPhone, Android, and in many rare formats.

yes Requires only a few simple steps to join videos.

yes Fade in/out effect is available.


no This video joiner tool is a bit slow.

no Cannot edit videos

Steps to Use Xilisoft Joiner 2

Step 1: Launch Joiner 2 on your computer.

Step 2: Open folders that contain the video clips you want to join. Drag the video clips to the video joiner 2. You can also click on the “+” button to add videos.

Step 3: You can also include the Fade in/out effect to make the video more attractive.

Step 4: See the preview of the video and make sure everything is perfect. After this, click on Join at the bottom right corner.

Step 5: Enter the file name and select other output settings. Click on OK. Now, wait for a few minutes and let the joiner join the videos. The output file will be ready within a few minutes.

Simple Video Trim & Merge

Simple Video Trim & Merge is a free tool available on the Microsoft Store. You can use it on your Windows PC and join videos in no time. It is perfect for joining videos without any watermark. While combining the videos, you can also trim the unnecessary part.


yes A quick tool to combine videos.

yes Very easy to use.

yes Combine as many videos as you like.

yes Various formats are available.

yes Can also trim the videos

yes No watermark


no Only for trimming and combining videos. It cannot do anything else.

Steps to Use Simple Video Trim & Merge

Step 1: Open the app on your computer.

Step 2: The user-interface of the app is quite simple. You need to know the icons that will be used in these steps. First, click on the “+” button at the bottom center.

Simple Video Trim Merge1

Step 3: Select the first video that you want to merge. The video will be uploaded. If you want to trim it, you can select the duration or the starting and ending points.

Step 4: Click on the crop icon (). You need to click on this icon whether you need to crop the video or not. After clicking this icon, the video will be added to the timeline.

Freemake Crop1

Step 5: Now, select the other video and follow the same process of cropping. Then, the other video will be added to the timeline. You can add as many videos as you like.

Simple Video Trim Merge Crop Combined Videos1

Step 6: Click on the eye icon. This will show you the complete video. At last, click on the Save button; it will be a floppy disk at the right. Select the format you like and click on either Precise or Fast. Precise and Fast are the two options or modes for combining the videos. Enter the file name and click on Save. The file will be saved at the desired location.