While filming a video, you need to consider some essential elements that make sure the quality of your video is up to the mark.

For example, during the recording of your video, you might not pay attention to its orientation, which could affect the frame's results. Now, you need to use a tool that helps you fix your video's orientation and make it back to normal.

Lightworks is a professional tool that you can use to fix your videos. However, many people get confused while using the tool to turn the video orientation back to normal. If you face the same issue, keep reading further to know how you can use Lightworks rotate video feature.


Part 1. Lightworks Rotate Video

Lightworks is an all-in-one, comprehensive, and user-friendly film editing tool used to create high-quality videos for all purposes such as 4K videos, YouTube videos, and many more. Lightworks is loaded with innovative features including:

  • Ready to use audio/video FX
  • Variable frame rate media
  • Proxy workflows for 4K
  • Exporting of videos in different formats up to 4K
  • GPU precision
  • Histogram tools and much more

Along with others, the rotate function of Lightworks is known for its exemplary performance in fixing the orientation of your video.

Lightworks feature of rotating a video is used for fixing the orientation of a video that comes with a faulty angle or is inverted 90 degrees. Either way, it is not possible to permanently rotate the video on its own. However, Lightworks free rotate video feature expertly adjusts the abnormal orientation of the filmed shot.

1 Why Use Lightworks to Rotate Video?


Although there are other ways you can use to rotate a video with faulty orientation, using the Lightworks tool is a professional way to do the job.

All you have to do is use a 3D DVE effect by using a Z rotation control for adjusting the video. There you go 鈥 a permanently re-oriented video with no errors in the outlook of the video. You get a smooth, fine-tuned video with the orientation that you want.

Other tools, on the contrary, might offer temporary results. Moreover, it is hard to import the video into other formats.

Now, how to rotate a video using Lightworks? How to use Lightworks Rotate Video 90 degrees feature?

2 How to Rotate Video in Lightworks?

For using the Lightworks Rotate Video feature, you need to follow the steps below:

Step 1.Select the frame rate in the software, you can use pre-defined frame rates already available to make adjustments accordingly.

Ligtworks Rotate Video

Step 2.Choose the portion you want to rotate; if you're going to rotate the full video, you can simply select the full video instead of choosing a specific portion.

Ligtworks Rotate Video

Step 3.Select the Effect option present on the lower right of the tool.

Ligtworks Rotate Video

Step 4.Now, choose the option DVE in the Effect bar.

Ligtworks Rotate Video

Step 5.Select Flip or Flop Effect combined with Slope Effect to rotate the video.

Ligtworks Rotate Video

Another way is to select the 3D DVE for a more customized effect. On the Z-Axis, you can use your mouse cursor to rotate the video to 90 degrees. You can also enter a value in the box given in front of the Z-axis. Both ways are correct for using the Lightworks free rotate video feature. However, for more precise results, it is recommended you use the latter option.

3 What Do The Users Have to Say?

Using Lightworks Rotate Video feature might get too complicated for some people, and many find it to be ineffective when it comes to rotating videos. For example, a user wrote:

  • 鈥淪ticking with the above suggested solution: 3D DVE effect doesn't seem to work with dissolve or wipe transitions. Halfway through the transition effect, it un-rotates.鈥

Another user wrote:

  • 鈥淎lthough I would LOVE to be able to just statically correct the rotation of a source clip one time without data loss and without re-encoding the whole clip, but no one seems to know how to do that.鈥

These reviews show that users might get confused while using the tool effectively as it is a bit complex tool to use. So, what鈥檚 the best solution, or should we say alternative?

Part 2. Best Alternative to Lightworks Video Rotate - iMyFone Filme


iMyFone Filme is a multipurpose ProEditing software that is made for quick and easy film editing purposes. The fast video modes, transitions, special effects, text, audio options, and many others, make it a handy tool for film creators and editors.

One of the basic and best features present in the software is its feature of video rotation. You will just need to click on the rotate option to fix the orientation according to your choice and easily rotate the video using one of the two options described below.

iMyFone Filme

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How to Rotate Video Using iMyFone Filme Quickly & Easily?

Method 1.

To rotate a video, you will need to move the slider. If you want to rotate your video in the given X axis or Y axis, you will need to click the upward triangle for elevating the value. For decreasing it, you can click the downward triangle.

To undo any previous change, you will need to click the Undo arrow present on the tool screen's right. Once you are done with your editing, you will need to click OK for confirming and then close the windows for editing. Another way is to Reset the changes to undo them.

Filme Rotate

Method 2.

Another way you can rotate a video using Filme is mentioned as under:

Double-click the clip that you will edit in your Timeline and directly rotate the video by moving your cursor around a white point present above the rectangle on the screen. The image under editing rotates around it.

For offsetting, you can move your cursor over the clip in the preview window and adjust it in the vertical or horizontal axis.

Filme Rotate

Final Verdict

Software programs such as Lightworks come with high-end specifications for users. However, when it comes to basic features such as rotating a video, Lightworks rotate video feature can be a little difficult for many amateur users.

As the proverb says 鈥 you cannot make a fist without a hand 鈥 so, it comes down to the fact that you need to have a sound knowledge of how to use its video rotation feature for desired results.

However, if you don鈥檛 want to consume that much time, you can go for alternatives like iMyFone Filme that comes with easier and faster solutions for video rotation and more. We hope this article gave you insight into how to use both software to rotate a video and enjoy the best results.