Frequently Asked Questions


Go to Settings>Forgot Password, enter your recovery email address to receive verification code and then
reset password. Default recovery email address is your login email address if you did not change from
account detail interface.
Go to Settings>Log in and then go to your account detail interface and find "Change email address" to make
the change. Please note that this email address is only used for receiving notifications such as resetting
password. Your login email address will not be changed.
Go to Settings>Log in to register an iMyFish account. Username, email address and password are
required for registration.
Go to Settings>your account and then tap your profile picture to add or change your photo from albums.
Drag the white dot on the semicircle to adjust your focus time. Focus time starts from 10 minutes, and then
5 minutes for every interval.
On the focus interface, tap the fish and the fish store will pop up, then choose any other fish specie. You
can choose only unlocked fish species to switch.
On the focus interface, tap Work on the top and task tags will pop up to change other task tags. Default
task tag is Work.
If time is under 25 minutes, formula will be: 5 +time/5
If time is bigger than 25minutes, formula will be : 5 +time/5+2*(time-25)/25
For example 75minutes:
5+75/5+2*(75-25)/25=24 so that you got 24 coins.
And for example 65 minutes:
5+65/5+2*(65-25)/25=22 so that you got 22 coins. For this value, (65-25)/25 will round up, if decimal place
of this result is bigger than 0.5, then we count it as 1, so we count (65-25)/25=1.6 as 2 ; if the decimal
place is smaller than 0.5 for example (30-25)/25=0.2 so we count it as 0. (60-25)/25=1.4 than we will count
it as 1.
We recommend you to register an account and sync your data with your account so that rewards and coins will
not disappear after you uninstall iMyFish with the same account login. But if you have not synced your data
with an account before, after uninstalling iMyFish, your rewards, coins and purchases will be clear so
please do not uninstall it if you want to go on.
Yes. iMyFish will sync your data if you switch from one device to another with the same account. Moreover,
if you did not log into any account and keep focused for some time, or made some purchases, once you log
into an account on the same device, the data will sync as well. Account synchronization will be based on the
account between devices.
There are two ways to collect more coins: one, you can keep focused to get coins; the other, you can keep
focused and buy fish feed by tapping coin icon from the top right corner.
You can delete dead fish from failure interface after you give up. Or you can tap the dead fish tank to
delete fish. You need to spend coins to delete fish from your fish tank.

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