iOS 14 Beta has been released for a while now. Even if you have not experienced this new update yourself, you definitely have heard enough about how exciting it is from all kinds of reviews and hands-on articles or videos.

Generally speaking, iOS 14 indeed is an exciting update. Up till today, iOS 14 public beta has been updated to the 4th version. With new features like desktop widgets, App Library and Translate App, Apple has really improved the usability of iOS to a whole new level.

However, apart from all the brilliant designs and usability improvements, there are still some serious issues in iOS 14 that could drastically effect user experience, at least in the current stage.

ios 14 bugs and issues

Current known issues include a critical compatibility problem for apps like Pokemon Go, some data syncing problem in the Map app, some instability of Bluetooth and internet connection and more.

So before you update to iOS 14, make sure you check out this article and have a look at these most important bugs and issues in the new iOS 14, so you won鈥檛 regret for updating.

Issue 1: Pokemon Go Still Does Not Work

First thing we want to talk about is that, you CAN鈥橳 play Pok茅mon Go in the current version of iOS 14. So if you are a Pok茅mon Go player and you have not updated to iOS 14, then DON鈥橳 DO IT, at least not for now.

Ever since the release of iOS 14 Beta 1, Pokemon Go players have been suffering from the critical app crash problem upon launching. Every time Apple releases a new iOS 14 beta version, people are looking forward to being able to play the game again, but unfortunately, as for now, we already have the 4th version of iOS 14 beta, and this Pokemon Go crash problem still remains.

pokemon go in ios 14

We are not sure about other games but, Pok茅mon go will crash immediately when you open it in current version of iOS 14, and there is no way to fix this problem.

However, with that being said, there is absolutely no need to panic.

This Pok茅mon go crashing issue will for sure be fixed in later versions of iOS 14, and all you need to do is, if you have not updated to iOS 14, stick to iOS 13 or any previous iOS version a while longer.

Fortunately, most Pok茅mon Go spoofer tools, or location changer programs still work. You can still use programs like iMyFone AnyTo to change your Pok茅mon Go location in previous iOS versions, or in iOS 14 when the issue gets fixed. If you are interested, check out how to tirck GPS in Pokemon Go with AnyTo.

Try It FreeTry It Free

trick gps in pokemon go

Issue 2: Sync Lost in Map App

Speaking of locations and maps, there are more issues about that.

It鈥檚 been reported that after updating to iOS 14 or iPadOS 14 beta, user data such as Favorites, Collections, and Recents in Maps will no longer sync with devices running earlier versions of iOS & iPadOS. That means you will lose syncs of all those data in Maps after updating.

map lose sync ios 14

It wouldn鈥檛 be a much of a critical problem for you if you don鈥檛 have important collections or pins in the Map app. However, if you do have some important collections, do think twice before you update. Because you will lose those collections and location pins.

Another situation is, if you are using multiple iOS or iPad OS devices, the ones that run iOS 14 beta will not sync Map information with other devices that run earlier versions of iOS.

Issue 3: More Apps with Critical Compatibility Problems

So Pokemon Go is not supported in current version of iOS 14. But unfortunately, Pokemon Go is not the only app that doesn鈥檛 work.

There are tons of other apps that don鈥檛 work or have serious issues in current version of iOS 14. The following is a list of these apps. Take note that this list may change with future updates.

  • Amazon Music
  • Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp
  • Bank of Colorado
  • BestSign App
  • Chase Bank
  • Earnin
  • Metrobank (UK)
  • Michaels
  • myHome
  • NowTV
  • Pokemon Go
  • Pokemon Masters
  • Sky Go

Issue 4: Bluetooth Glitches

For AirPods users, or any other Bluetooth device users, the next issue in iOS 14 is could be pretty annoying.

If you are using AirPods or other Bluetooth devices, chances are these devices will constantly drop out every 5-10 minutes. That means all these Bluetooth devices are basically disabled, since they can only be connected for about 10 minutes before you have to manually connect them again.

However, it doesn鈥檛 mean iOS 14 beta will completely break your Bluetooth. According to users, this glitch happens occasionally, and under most circumstances, it will fix itself after a reboot.

bluetooth disconnect ios 14

But still, it could be frustrating if it happens when you are enjoying your music, watching a video or chatting with your friends through Bluetooth.

Issue 5: Network Faliure

Now the last issue is just as disturbing. After updating to iOS 14, a lot of users complain about the internet connection.

ios 14 network disconnect

Some reported that 鈥渁nything with media will not load on any browser鈥, while others say they cannot have internet connection at all. This is not an officially reported bug, but it does happen to many iOS 14 users, and unfortunately, it could also happen to you.

ios 14 network unavilable

Complains about the internet connection problem vary from case to case. For some user it鈥檚 a critical problem, for others it鈥檚 just an occasional glitch. However, one thing that we can be sure is that, there indeed are some network glitches in iOS 14, we just don鈥檛 know how it may affect you.


And that鈥檚 about all serious issues in the current version of iOS 14. Of course, there are more issues and bugs in this new iOS version, but most of them are not as deal-breaking as some of the ones mentioned above. If you are worried about these issues, our suggestion is to wait a couple of weeks for new versions of iOS 14, and stay tuned to our blog so we can get the you latest updates.

Finally, if you are a Pokemon Go player, don鈥檛 be frustrated by the crash issue brought by iOS 14 beta. Stick with the previous version of iOS, and don鈥檛 forget to try AnyTo to simulate your location and catch more types of Pokemon. Leave a comment if you want to discuss more about iOS 14 issues, Pokemon Go or anything at all.