Frequently Asked Questions

Promptwink is a prompt selling and sharing platform.

You can find interesting prompts on it.

You can also become a creator and upload interesting prompt.

A Prompt Engineer is a new kind of technician, skilled at crafting the text prompts required for an AI model to produce consistent outputs (e.g. images, text or code).

We support Chatgpt, Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, DALL-E 2. In the future we will support more models and integrate the use of models into the site.Stay tuned.

Yes, you can send an application email to our email address ( we will review the information and decide if you can become a platform creator.

We plan to make promptwink a platform for prompt creators to gather. Creators who sell prompts through promptwink will be able to get 82% of each sale, and we will take 18% for promotion and platform maintenance.

Of course, we are currently developing the above mentioned sales sharing feature, you can also become a creator of our platform in advance, and you will be notified as soon as the feature is developed.

Gold on promptwink can be used to buy prompts and to try out AI models.

When the model generates images from text, it is randomized. The case picture can only provide a stylistic reference, it does not mean that the final picture generated by the model will be exactly the same as the case picture.

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